Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Bobattu / Puran poli



A cup of channa  dal (Bengal gram lentil)  
One and half cup maida
one cup jaggery
4-5 tbsps of oil
1 tsp cardamom powder
pinch of salt
3-4 tbsp ghee or butter


Soak channa dal in water for 2 to 3 hrs and drain them and add a cup of water in a pressure cooker  and cook until it become soft and mashy.  Cool that and mash them once again with spoon or masher or you can even grind into paste.
Add oil in a thick pan and after oil gets heated, add the dal paste and  jaggery, stir it for a while until it forms lump so that you can prepare small balls for stuffing.  Stir in a low medium heat and it should not burn.  
Add cardamom powder to that lump and mix well.  Switch off the heat and let it cool but it should be warm enough to make the smalls and start making the balls with this mixture and keep them aside.
Prepare the dough with the help of maida, pinch of salt, 3 tbsps oil and water to make a very soft and sticky dough.
Grease oil in your hands to mix the dough and take a portion of dough and flatten it (what ever size you want) in silver foil or banana leaves.  Place the balls which you already prepared in the centre and cover the edges of the dough from all sides such that sweet lentil balls cover completely.
 Now gently flatten the balls with your fingers to form 5" or 6" circular  poli (shape as you like) Grease oil in your hands if it gets sticky.  Fry the bobattu/poli on a low heat in tawa or a thick pan.  Toast poli's both the sides until brown spots appear.
Add ghee on both the sides while frying and serve them hot.


  1. My all time favourite, looks great and yumm!

  2. Opps there is one snap missing, By the way thank u priya.

  3. Lovely poli and the useful step by step instructions are very helpful.

  4. Yummy polis and nice step by step pics.

  5. Thanks for the add simply food and padma.