Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Pav Bhaji


1 piece butter
2 number carrots
5 piece cauliflowers
1/2 cup peas
1 number eggplant small
3 potato medium size
any other vegetables 1/2 cup
2 onions
3 tomatos
chopped coriander 1 bunch
3 number green chilli
capsicum medium size
ginger garlic paste
food color
coriander powder 1tbsp
1/2 spoon chillipowder
1 pinch turmeric
hing optional
pav bhaji masala powder


Wash potatoes,carrots, capsicum,cauliflower, peas, eggplant, green chilli and any other vegetables of our choice and cut them into medium size pieces.Boil the above vegetables in pressue cooker for 4 whistles till it get smashed consistency and keep it aside. Cut the onions and tomatoes and one green chilli into small pieces. Now heat butter in a pan and fry jeera once it got spluttered add onions,turmeric and hing(optional) and fry them till golden brown add tomatoes,greenchilli, ginger garlic paste and cook them till tomato looses its raw smell. Now add chilli powder,coriander powder and pavbhaji masala powder and salt then mix it well. Add some water to avoid sticking to the pan. Close the pan and cook it for 5 mins. Now add the mashed vegetables which we cooked in pressure cooker to this mixture and mix it well. Add food color (optional). Stir well till the vegetables mix well with the masala mixture. Take the pav and slice them. Put butter on a pan and fry it till the pav gets cooked. Serve hot and garnish the bhaji with coriander and chopped onions. Put some lemon juice over the bhaji.


  1. First time here .. thats my fav one..looks sooooooooooo good and tempting.

  2. Thank u pavithra for yours comment. Hope u like other recipe too.